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    With an experience of almost 19+ years

    Dr. Shivani is one of the most popular gynecologists of Agra region. Her work is her passion which reflects in her practice.
    She believes “Female Health is not just about freedom from disease but a complete sense of physical and mental well being.”
    This reflects in her approach to the patient as well. She is also Vice-President of Gayatri Public Schools and has been invited on countless occasions to girls’ schools and colleges for ‘know your body’ awareness workshops and PCOD awareness seminars. She is also founder of Agra Book Club and The Taj Colloquium.She has been regularly invited as a speaker and a panelist in various conferences and seminars organized for social causes. She has been a long time speaker in National Media Conferences for several years and she is also a social activist on the advisory board of various women and social organizations. She is a recognized speaker in the excel program on vaccination against cervical cancer and specialist speaker on Nuva-Ring. Her success mantra is special emphasis on meticulous diagnosis and holistic approach to treatment.


    Awards and


    President’s Award by Indian Medical Association.

    Lady Achievers Award by Indian Medical Association.

    International Award for Women Achievers.

    Kamini Rao Award for Gynecology oration on safe abortion.


    19+ Years

    of Experience

    Director at Nari Health Centre for 15 years.

    Senior Consultant at Pushpanjali Hospital & Research Centre for 10 years.

    Present Director & Cheif Consultant at Dr. Shivani Chaturvedi’s Obs & Gyn Super Specilaity Centre.

    Dr Shivani Chaturvedi

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    Doctor shivani chaturvedi objective

    Our objective is to give focused consideration to women through each phase of their life i.e., adolescence, puberty, reproductive years, menopause and post-menopausal years. We are glad to have a team that focuses on the individual needs and comfort of our patients. Our super-specialty center takes pride in providing premium quality care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

    At the center, we believe that weight, hair, skin, wellness, etc. are linked to women’s health and hormones. Thus, each patient is treated holistically.

    We are exceptionally thankful to our patients who endow us with their trust , year after year.

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    • Deepa Verma
      She is a worthy doctor who not only treats you but also motivates you to come over from the disease, she is a friend who listens and solves your problem.
      Deepa Verma
    • Nandani Jha
      Awesome, love to meet Dr. SHIVANI, she is really very friendly and co-operative, her dealing with patients is really awesome... Adorable person Dr. Shivani is
      Nandani Jha

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